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About Us

SCMS group that has grown from a single institution under the Prathap Foundation for Education & Training to a group of ten distinct institutions in various disciplines has proved true the vision of its founder Chairman, Dr. G P C Nayar.

Prathap Foundation for Education & Training :

Prathap Foundation for Education & Training was established in 1976 by Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, with the objective of setting high standards in professional education. Over the years, the Foundation has become one of the leading promoters of academic institutions in the country.

The School of Communication and Management Studies, (SCMS) established by the Foundation in the year of its inception has, over the years, zoomed to national eminence as a premier Business School.

The Foundation is today a prominent multi-disciplinary promoter of academic institutions of excellence in professional education.


The Foundation has sponsored several world class professional institutions under the SCMS umbrella and it is referred to as SCMS Group. The SCMS Group offers post-graduate and diploma courses in management, engineering, research, consultancy and training.
School of Communication and Management Studies (SCMS - 1976)
SCMS School of Engineering and Technology (SSET - 2001)
SCMS School of Technology and Management (SSTM - 2003)
SCMS Centre of Research, Consultancy and Training (SCENSER - 2003)
NORKA-SCMS Institute For Paramedical and Development Studies
SCMS Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology - Research & Development (SIBB-R&D)

Our Vision

To be a leader in providing value based education in harmony with the changing global order.

Our Mission

We develop globally competent and socially responsible business leaders through innovative education system.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1: To develop managerial skills through innovative teaching and learning in a dynamic and multidisciplinary environment.
PEO 2: To build professionalism and excellence among our students that is relevant to the contemporary business environment.
PEO 3: To transform students into socially responsible business leaders with a global perspective through value based education.